Steadfast Solutions Ltd, Quality Policy, is aimed to maintain the quality of the products and services supplied to our customers and to ensure that their quality requirements are determined and satisfied, throughout all phases of contract performance.

Steadfast’s quality management system is designed to achieve continual improvement. Provisions are made for the early detection of deficiencies, trends or conditions, that could lead to unsatisfactory product quality, and so enable the company to take effective corrective and preventive actions, which is both timely and effective.

Our Customers needs and expectations are identified and are regularly assessed, to ensure the products and services provided are fully accepted, by the management team with respect to business objectives.

The control of quality in our production and systems is vested in every employee and as such, collectively support the aim of the Company objective of the supply of Right First Time products to agreed schedules.

We accept that the necessary resources, will be provided to meet and maintain the systems, processes and procedures issued to maintain a quality system, that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and AS 9100, including such training or instruction, as may be required, to ensure competent personnel, are employed at all levels to support the achievement of the Company objective.

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